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Discover the perfect delight for your celebration with birthday cakes

At SmallCakes Pearland Parkway, we take pride in offering the best birthday cakes to make your celebration a truly special occasion. Birthday cakes are not just a dessert; they are a centerpiece of the party, symbolizing joy, love, and good wishes for the birthday person.

Image of a delicious option of birthday cakes decorated according to the type of event requested.

Freshness and quality of ingredients

One of the aspects that sets us apart in creating birthday cakes is our commitment to the freshness and quality of the ingredients. We use only the freshest and most natural ingredients, such as creamy butter, fresh eggs, pure vanilla, and high-quality cocoa. This approach ensures that each cake not only tastes delicious, but is also healthy and safe to consume. We are dedicated to maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards and follow industry-leading practices to ensure excellence in every bite.

Image of birthday cakes decorated with a sea and beach theme for a little girl's celebration.

Variety of flavors for all tastes

Variety is key to satisfying all tastes, and in our store, we offer a wide range of flavors for our birthday cakes. From classic favorites like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry to bolder combinations like lemon blueberry, red velvet, and our exclusive salted caramel chocolate cake, there is something for everyone. We strive to innovate and create new flavor combinations that delight our customers and make every celebration unique.

Creativity in design

Creativity is a fundamental part of our birthday cake creation process. Each cake is customized according to the client’s preferences, from simple and elegant designs to elaborate and themed creations. Whether you want a cake with cartoon characters for a child’s birthday, a sophisticated design for an adult party, or a cake inspired by your hobbies or interests, our team of talented bakers is ready to bring your vision to life. We use advanced decoration techniques and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that each cake is a work of edible art.

Image of birthday cakes in a minimalist style with golden decorations.

Don’t wait any longer to make your next celebration unforgettable with one of our exclusive birthday cakes. Visit our store or browse our website to explore all the delicious options we offer. Whether it’s a simple and elegant cake or a personalized and themed creation, we are here to help you design the perfect cake that reflects your style and makes your special day even sweeter. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start planning the cake of your dreams at SmallCakes Pearland Parkway.

daisy Whitedaisy White
17:57 04 Jun 24
I used to work there great staff amazing owner overall love the place and miss it too
Karina GonzalezKarina Gonzalez
19:41 28 May 24
Love the cupcakes here
Jennifer HalvorsonJennifer Halvorson
13:21 11 Apr 24
Excellent cupcakes and cookies!
Kimberly BassKimberly Bass
02:50 18 Feb 24
Cupcake was everything a cupcake should be!
Jennifer CJennifer C
00:39 24 Jan 24
I ordered a cake for my friend’s birthday. Order wasn’t ready on time but they managed well so it wasn’t too late for the party. Cake decoration was good, similar as picture I requested, and also flavor was great. We enjoyed the cake.
Samantha GonzalezSamantha Gonzalez
04:05 07 Dec 23
Their customer service is good, when I went to order my cake they were very friendly and helpful. The only reason why I put 1 star reviews is because my cake cracked all the way and fell apart. When I got home, it was still intact, although I did see it start to split a little bit but didn't pay too much attention to it. Couple minutes went by I saw it slide off completely that I started freaking out because my party didnt start for another 2 hours, I didn't call them or make a big deal although I was pretty upset about it, but what can you do after they make you sign a paper stating they are not responsible for the cake after you leave with it, which I get but in my case this was their fault. The cake was not properly stable for it, not to crack and fall apart. The filling was sticking out of the mid section of the sides of the cake. They put way to much buttercream on it to supposedly secure it from falling apart but it didn't not help, they over filled it with to much filling which was basically the root cause of the top layer from sliding off, plus the top layer was way thicker than the bottom, which to me doesn't make sense, because why would you put a heavier layer on top of the thinner one, especially since the filling was strawberries with a cream/glaze mixture which for one is wet which made the top layer crack and slide off. For the price that I paid for this cake ($275) it made me very upset that this happened. Litterly as the picture is, that is how it got. The other part where the flowers are ended up cracking too, which made me even more frustrated.
Maria RagazzoMaria Ragazzo
00:10 27 Nov 23
Wonderful! We requested a number 80 cake for my mom and a smaller birthday cake for my dad. They were both absolutely amazing and delicious. The only disappointment was that there were no leftovers after the party. Guests came back for seconds and all three cakes disappeared. Everyone kept asking where I got them. Will definitely be back!
Danny DuplechianDanny Duplechian
23:14 11 Mar 23
I ordered a custom cake for my wife for her birthday and gaining her citizenship. I provided a picture of an American flag cake, and they did an amazing job. Not only was the cake delicious, it matched the idea from the picture almost perfectly. I highly recommend.
Stephanie GodingStephanie Goding
17:12 19 Sep 21
Smallcakes Pearland saved me in a pinch yesterday!!! I first went to the Smallcakes location closer to my home in Friendswood to pick up a pupcake for a pet birthday. I was shocked to see the way the Friendswood location packages their pupcakes! They are completely smashed and served in a small container way too small (Friendswood images circled in RED). I reached out to the Smallcakes location in Pearland, and picked up the exact same pupcake that was perfectly packaged. I highly recommend the Pearland location for their pupcakes! My pets love them!
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